Aerial Video Showcase: Winter Walk of Lights 2014

In a remarkable project borne from passion, beauty, and awe, DCOnlineVideo produced this aerial video showcase of the Winter Walk of Lights 2014.  Commissioned by NOVA Parks, the video presented the 3rd season of the holiday light show at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  The Winter Walk enjoyed record attendance during the 2014 season, due to savvy marketing by NOVA Parks’ Brian Bauer who syndicated the video on the event website, Facebook page, and at a partner website,  Total video views skyrockets to more than 165,000, with NOVA Parks staff members crediting the video for a large portion of the visits.


The video shows the power of unscripted video, as Park Manager Keith Tomlinson, spoke with passion about the legacy of the gardens and the emotions visitors experience when walking through the show.

  • The video serves two key objectives:  To showcase the majesty of the exhibit and to encourage visitors to return to the Gardens in springtime.
  • The project audio track was pulled from an unscripted interview with the park manager, then edited to present the full story about the light show and how it overlays into Meadowlark Garden’s mission.
  • The primary sponsor, Dominion, is not mentioned by name, but instead given a visual credit in the opening.

NOVA Parks Presents: 2014 Winter Walk Lights from Steve Jarriel on Vimeo.

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