Welcome to DCOnlineVideo!

DCOnlineVideo is a Washington, DC area video production and marketing consultancy that helps companies, entrepreneurs, and marketing agencies, grow their businesses by leveraging the power of online video to engage and convert website visitors.

In addition to producing and publishing video content, DCOnlineVideo offers online video assessments, strategy development and management.

The mission of DCOnlineVideo is to provide trusted, timely, and useful information so small-to-medium sized businesses may increase the ROI from online video marketing – a fast-emerging tactic in the daily challenge of increasing website discovery, engaging & converting website visitors, and making a lasting impression when they enter into an active buying cycle.

It’s a daunting mission for any one person or organization to undertake.  So our role will be that of editor and vanguard.

  • “Editor” in that DCOnlineVideo will feature articles and posts from the best and brightest people in online video marketing (sharing their visions, ideas and insights).
  • “Vanguard” in that we will add our analysis and interpretation that will help you keep abreast of what’s happening in the new, rapidly evolving world of online video marketing.

We underscore “new” because the business model for online video marketing remains in its nascency.  Yes, it has erupted as a trendy, must-have marketing strategy.  But hidden in the hype is this reality:  Many businesses have yet to figure out if they are profiting from online video — or how. But they do it nonetheless, because they see others, including competitors, doing so.

Just as the iPad and Kindle have quickly evolved with multiple generations of new products, so too will advances in the understanding & knowledge about online video.  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will roll out new functionality.  New platforms will emerge, as will tools for publishing, distributing and managing online video and campaigns.  Along with the technological advancements will come more sophisticated, business models for measuring profit and loss from online video marketing.

It will be an exciting time, full of success, failure, innovation and discovery.  All requiring the passage of time. Here at DCOnlineVideo you’ve have a place to watch it all unfold  — and apply the evolution to your business!

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Steve Jarriel, Founder & Publisher

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