Who does a better job leveraging online video? You or your competitor?

If you are unable to confidently answer that question, then you are likely missing opportunities to engage prospective customers and make an impression that will stick with them throughout their buying-decision process. Gain the insight to act with confidence.  Get an online video competitive analysis from DCOnlineVideo!

There is so much more to online video marketing than YouTube!

YouTube may be the primary venue for watching video, but the spark driving video views are social networks such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and LinkedIn.  They are points of trusted engagement.  Plus, they empower individuals to instantly share online videos that reflect their tastes, passions, and experiences with hundreds, even thousands, of like-minded people.

But Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not just content sharing networks; they are gigantic search engines that now make it incredibly easy to search for and harness information about a business, product or service.

Your competitors’ efforts are highly revealing!

A look at how your competitors are using online video will give your company insights into how your own efforts need to be targeted and tweaked.  We start with the obvious platforms and complete a quantitative analysis of key metrics that matter  — such as video views, length of views, frequency of content publishing, and number of shares and others.  Then we dig deeper into the how keywords & tagging are emphasized.

The deliverable is a thorough report, backed up by market research, that will guide your efforts to either start — or expand — your use of online video to increase engagement and lead conversion.