Infuse your video with the sophistication your organization deserves!

Truth is, just about anybody with a video camera and a high-speed internet connection can post online video.  The bigger challenge lies in publishing video in places and campaigns that engage viewers, draw them to your website, convert them to leads, and increase the likelihood they’ll buy your product or service.

An online video audit will give you the framework to accomplish these objectives.

At DCOnlineVideo, we understand that video is just one element in your marketing mix.

Online video is widely-known to dramatically improve search engine rankings, lead generation, and conversion rates.  But to be most effective, it must be integrated into other marketing efforts.

That’s where an online video audit comes in.  It provides a detailed assessment of how video currently ties into the rest of your marketing mix.  Once benchmarks are established, your efforts are compared with best practices.  The takeaway is a detailed report of actionable recommendations  of how to lure, engage, and retain more clients with online video.

So whether you are just getting started, or have a vast library of existing video content, a DCOnlineVideo audit will help you do more than merely publish video on your website.  You’ll produce video with built-in forethought and marketing acuity.

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