Time. Tools. Expertise. You need all three to fully produce & manage your online video!

Video Production and Publishing:

Whether you are just getting started  — or have been so successful you need outside help keeping up with a vibrant video library — DCOnlineVideo can help establish and manage your online video library!

  • Create professional-grade video content for your website, blog and/or product and service landing pages.  Includes SEO keywords, titles and tags.
  • Produce and manage a YouTube channel (complete with video library) for your company, association or other organization.
  • Manage your existing online video library, expanding its following, reach and influence.
  • Publish promotions for your social media network including posts, blog entries, Tweets, images and video
  • Integrate processes to streamline “produce once, publish everywhere” video production.
  • Generate management reports that analyze video performance.

Video Management:

Online video marketing entails much more than uploading a video and waiting for the view count to rise.  Done right, the video clip needs to be published on multiple landing pages & websites, and then marketed via email, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.  That’s a big job, one that often strains companies and organizations, especially as their video library grows from a few clips to hundreds, or more.

By working with DCOnlineVideo to manage your video content, you gain the peace-of-mind and confidence that only comes from collaborating with an experienced professional with one mission: Maximizing the impact of your video while minimizing the confusion about when, where and how to publish.

Video ROI Reporting:

Then there’s the job that matters most in a results-driven business world:  Measuring how video impacts customer engagement, search engine ranking, website traffic, conversion rates and revenue. Web-based, online video management platforms address this need by tracking key metrics such as play rate, length of view, play through rate, social sharing, and more.

In skilled, experienced hands, online video reporting tools provide the basis for making savvy decisions about how to increase the number of people who discover your website in a Google search, click through to visit, and move them to take action more frequently.

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