Add video to your marketing mix with Pronto™ — DCOnlineVideo‘s fast-track video bundle!

Online video creates a more personal connection between a business and its customers, members and prospects. It instantly conveys the trust, credibility and professionalism that are the lifeblood of successful businesses. Equally important, online video is proven to provide a dramatic spike in search engine ranking and, according to research by comScore, people are more likely – by more than double – to take action and visit a site after watching a video.

Professional, affordable video content to showcase your best people, products and services.

DCOnlineVideo’s Pronto™ video bundle gives marketing professionals the means to kick off their online video marketing in as little as 30-days.  We’ll record at least five (5) videos on-location, then edit and publish them on your website with key words and tags that will feed search engine ranking.  The clips are also uploaded and published on YouTube, so they can easily be incorporated into your other online marketing campaigns.

The Pronto™ video bundle starts for as little as $1,750! Complete the form below and we’ll set up a discovery call!


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